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What are we doing at Blue Tree ?

We are bringing back the forgotten art & lost science of Aromathérapie through Blue Tree. After experiencing life changing benefits we have come to realize thatNothing comes closer to the sheer beauty & simplicity with which Essential Oils and fragrances solves some our most pressing everyday problemsranging from insomnia, headaches, etc

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Will Essential Oil Stain Clothes?

Essential Oil Stains: Understanding and Preventing Fabric Damage Essential oils have gained immense popularity for their various therapeutic properties, ranging from relaxation to immune support. However, along with their benefits,...

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Which Essential Oil Is Good For Pet?

Aromatherapy for Pets: Top 3 Essential Oils and Safe Usage Aromatherapy isn't just for humans; it can also benefit our furry companions. When used correctly, essential oils can help promote...

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Which essential oil is good for headache?

Dealing with headaches can be debilitating, impacting our productivity and overall well-being. While there are numerous remedies available, natural solutions like essential oils have gained popularity for their efficacy and...

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