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Spa Music for your Home

Experience Spa at your own Home. DIY for your personal Spa ! Aroma & Sound Bath.

There is nothing like a spa session.
And what if with some easy equipments you can create every day a spa experience !

We recommend that you listen to the following music for best relaxation in sound and aromatherapy:

This link will take you to our youtube Playlist :

And The following are the direct links to "5 Awesome Music for a Home Spa Session"


 This music Evokes emotions of love and joy. It really transforms an ordinary environment into a divine space .


 Go on a 3 hour journey to the land of peace. Recommended while sleeping.


Feel Love and Happiness in this one. Beautiful!


This one is consciousness expanding. Takes you out of space so easily.
Great for healing and letting go !!



Really warm, caring and affectionate feeling through this 12 minute track. Use it whenever you're stressed or depressed. It will lift you up with hope .


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