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Everything You Need to Know about Essential Oils - 101

If you have developed new affection for essential oils and are delving in their goodness these days then you have landed on the right planet, my friend. These 5 minutes...

If you have developed new affection for essential oils and are delving in their goodness these days then you have landed on the right planet, my friend. These 5 minutes of reading will educate you about Essentials oils and their benefits.

Essential oils are not a contemporary trend, rather they have been in use for ages for their medicinal properties. Recently they have gained popularity for their health and healing goodness. Instead of splurging on medical treatments and getting no satisfactory results, people have switched to aromatherapy for a better and healthy lifestyle. So let’s get started with the a,b,c of Essential oils.

What are Essential Oils?

The highly concentrated oils that are produced through the process of distillation wherein the oil and water based component of a plant are separated. Literally, the most powerful compound is extracted out of the plant into a single oil. They are also known as Volatile Aromatic oil due to the concentration of Aromatic compounds in immense amount. Essential oils are also called scented oils or Aromatherapy oils.

What is Aromatherapy?

The use of Essential Oils for health and healing purpose for physical and mental wellness is called Aromatherapy. It has been in practice for centuries as a strong alternative to the conventional methods of medical treatment. The aroma oils stimulate the brain to send healing signals to the body for physical as well as psychological ailments.

Aromatherapy works in case of depression, digestive disorder, skin related problems,  anxiety and more. Scientific studies have proved that essential oils actually work wonders and can be considered a legit form of medicine.

What are Carrier Oils?

Well, it’s certainly the most frequently asked question. As the name suggests, carrier oils act as a carrier to essentials oils. Essential oils are available in a highly concentrated form that their single drop is enough to treat the ailment, therefore, they are either diluted in water or in carrier oils before application. Carrier oils help in even application and enhance the absorption of oil through skin tissues. The chances of skin irritation and sensitivity are also minimal with carrier oils. Olive oil, Almond oil, Coconut oil, Avocado oil and Jojoba oil are some of the most popular carrier oils.  


What are the benefits of Essential oils?

To be honest, the countless benefits of aroma oils require one dedicated blog on a stand-alone subject (which will follow). However, for starters let’s acquaint you with the goodness of Essential oils briefly.  

Other than for their scented attribute Essential oils are used for improving mood and setting the positive atmosphere. In response to the inhaling of the essence, the brain stimulates positive emotion and we start feeling positive, light and energised.

They also improve metabolism, balance hormones, boost immunity and fight infections. They are beneficial in relaxing the body and getting good sleep. Some skin problems like irritation, inflammation, etc. can also be treated with Essential oils. They act as a mosquito repellant, fight flu and relieve from pain too. The list of benefits of Essential oils is inexhaustible. All we can say is, it is one habit to succumb to.


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