Different Ways of Using Essential Oils

Do you find Essential Oil bottles fascinating? Are you a proud owner of a huge essential oil collection? But you wonder how else to use them other than sniffing them from time to time and diffusing. They can be used differently to relax your mind and body and to fight the pain. They are one of the most widely used elements in aromatherapy. Let’s get started with 5 different ways of using essential oils.

1. Inhale Them Directly

  • The easiest way to use essential oils is by inhaling them directly from the bottle. You can open the cap of the bottle and sniff it directly or take a few drops in your palm to apply it evenly to enjoy the aroma for a longer time. You may pour a few drops on your handkerchief and carry it along the whole day to stay positive and relaxed. You may apply lavender oil around your neck before sleeping so that the soothing effect keeps working while you are asleep.

 2. Diffuse Goodness in The Air

  • Different oils have different characteristics or purpose to solve. Some work as stimulating oil, some as uplifting, sedative or relaxing oil.  Use a candle diffuser or an electric diffuser to diffuse the essential oil in the air. 3-4 drops of oil are enough in a medium sized diffuser. Start your morning with an aromatic feel of rose essential oil and end it with soothing lavender.

3. A Few Drops in Bathing Water

  • Add a few drops of essential oil to your bathing water. You may blend it with Epsom Salt or Carrier Oil also. Not all the essential oils are suggested to be used in the bath because few of them develop irritable properties when mixed with water. You may avoid lemongrass, cinnamon, oregano, etc. Always read instructions at the back label before using.

4. Apply Topically

Not many people know that essential oils can be used topically too. There are few common points or places where you can apply essential oils on your body such as temples, wrist, pulse points, under the feet, etc. Before applying them topically read instruction because not all the essential oils are instructed to be used topically. You may apply it topically on pain, injury or bee stings to kill the pain.

5. As a Massage Oil

  • If you go for the spa very often you’d know that essential oils have a big role to play. You may mix 10-15 drops of oil in half a cup of carrier oil and massage your body with the same. You may take your essential oil along when you go for a massage and ask the masseuse to use the oil. Under the feet, at the back and around the temples are few of the places where they work very effectively.

We are sure you are gonna use your collection of Essential oils to the maximum of their potential.