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Vetiver Essential Oil

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Sc. Name:  Vetiveria Zizanoides

Vetiver is a balancing essential oil for body and mind alike. Sourced from the roots of a tropical grass, it has an earthy, somewhat herbaceous fragrance that is likely to remind you of the scent of a forest during autumn. Use it to alleviate emotions, calm anger, treat dry and ageing skin, and ease aches and pains.


Use in the bath or shower for absorption and aromatherapy benefits.  Diffuse it for aromatherapy benefits. Massage the diluted oil or use with compress in case of muscle pain and stiffness.  Apply neat on painful areas and problem areas on the skin.


Vetiver essential oil has a deeply relaxing effect and should not be used prior to driving, operating machinery, or doing other tasks that require concentration.  May act as a sedative.


A 2012 study reported by the journal Biomedical Research showed that participants who inhaled vetiver essential oil while focusing on visually demanding tasks were able to react faster than those who were not exposed to vetiver. Use this essential oil to stay on track while studying and working on mentally challenging tasks.


Absentmindedness, Acne, ADD/ADHD, Aging skin, Analgesic, Anger, Antibacterial, Antifungal, Anti-inflammatory, Antimicrobial, Antiseptic, Anxiety, Arthritis, Autism, Circulatory, health, Cramping, Depression, Emotional balance, Hyperactivity, Insomnia, Intestinal, parasites, Joint stiffness, Meditation, Menstrual support, Muscle pain and stiffness, Muscular dystrophy, Oily hair, Oily skin, Pancreatitis, Postpartum depression, Sedative, Skin care, Stress, Tendinitis, Tennis elbow, Wounds, Wrinkles