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Janmashtami, a festival celebrating the birth of the god Krishna on the eighth day of the dark fortnight of the month of Bhadrapada. The number eight has another significance in the Krishna legend in that he is the eighth child of his mother, Devaki.

According to stories, Krishna emanated a Divine fragrance that is described as superior to blue lotus mixed with Tulsi, musk, sandalwood, and other enchanting flowers. This spiritual fragrance intoxicates the mind with loving Energy which attracted people towards him. That smell was so strong that he had to hide it during his secret expeditions. Krishna’s smell was similar to gopikachandan and Raatrani flowers.

On the preceding day, devotees keep a vigil and fast until midnight, the traditional hour of his birth. Then Ladoo Gopal is bathed in water and milk with rose petals, dressed in new clothes, and worshiped.
Pots of milk are hung from tall poles in the streets, and men form human pyramids to reach and break the pots, commonly known as 'Matki Phor'.

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