Affirmative Roll Ons™

Affirmative Roll Ons™


Affirmative Roll Ons are our proprietary healing roll ons which uses knowledge from 4 different schools of wellness. These are Positive Affirmations, Acupressure, Pranic Healing and of course Aromatherapy.

They have been carefully thought and introduced by it’s founders who are energy healers and wellness trainers.
It may sound complex but it’s very easy to use.


How do we inculcate these 4 sciences of Positive Affirmations, Acupressure, Pranic Healing and Aromatherapy in our Affirmative Roll Ons?

These roll on bottles are filled with Natural Cold Pressed Carrier oils with therapeutic blends of steam distilled essential oils and when they are applied on the body through massage , it causes an immediate calming and healing effect on the person. This is basically how aromatherapy actually works.


Now, all these oils are Blessed with positive energies Using mantras and crystals by practicing Arhatic Yogis and Healers. As a result, these oils and blends become much more potent and powerful and is more effective for the purpose for which it’s being used for. This is how we use the science of energy learned through Pranic Healing.


These potions can be applied on the entire body through massage. Another quick and effective way to apply them is to gently roll them in clockwise direction with little pressure on the Acupressure points of the body which are many . To name a few : Temples (sides of forehead), middle of eyebrow, wrists, soles of the feet , etc.

This way we apply the science of acupressure.


Lastly, when using these blessed roll ons on acupressure points, if one says the positive affirmation written on the labels , they will be applying the science of saying Positive Affirmations .


When all these are combined together while using these roll ons, one creates a powerful combination for their emotional healing and well-being and there are very high chances that someone might get freedom from long term depression, lack of motivation, fearful situations, stress and worry, etc.



How to use Affirmative Roll Ons ?


It’s very simple !

1. Choose the roll on of the emotion you want to imbibe within you.

For example : If you’re depressed , You may pick “I AM JOYFUL”
If something makes you fearful, you may pick “I am Courageous”.


  1. Apply it on the acupressure points of your body in clockwise direction with gentle pressure.


  1. Say the positive “I AM” affirmation mentioned on the label and repeat with intensity while applying it.


4. Use it at least twice a day, daily for 21 days !